Updated Internet Radio Station setup


After using my Internet radio station setup for a couple of months, I’ve discovered how to make this a better setup.

Here’s what the upgrade includes:

  1. 4 identical Sterling Audio SR50 microphones with table stands, and cables.
  2. Labeling of the mics, each end of the cables, and each xlr connector in the Scarlett mixer
  3. Bose headphones for three people, and a LiveWire Solutions HA204 headphone amp.
  4. Velcro cable ties for wrapping excess cables.

The need for the update came from the last show, where we had 3 people in the studio, with 3 different kinds of microphones, and it was not possible to adjust the volumes to be matched. Also, the headphone ‘splitter’ connectors I was using were not stereo to dual stereo, they were stereo to dual mono connectors.

Looking forward to the next show, and the simplified, better setup.

To listen, tune in every Wednesday evening at 8pm Chicago time, at the following web page:


Show archives are available at:


2 thoughts on “Updated Internet Radio Station setup

  1. We have just started an internet radio station and looking forward to getting basic equipment and don’t have an idea as to what to buy or how to get them, we live in south Africa, any help or donations of old equipment would be appreciated.

    • You could probably start out with just a pc, and a sound card. If you have more than one audio source, you will need a mixer (the Focusrite mixers work well. I use this one: https://us.focusrite.com/usb-audio-interfaces/scarlett-18i8

      You will need some microphones with those round air shields, and the other equipment listed on the blog (audio preamp, etc. ) All of the software is either free, or comes with the mixer.

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